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Who doesn’t love jazz music?

For us, jazz is more than just music. It is a lifestyle. This website is dedicated to all jazz fusion fans all over the world. We created it to bring together people who love this new movement in jazz music.

Jeff "Pokeman" Singer and expert website writer.

I grew up listening to jazz. It was my fathers favorite music and he often asked me to dance with him while we listened together. As a kid, jazz became my favorite kind of music. My friends teased me about it being so old school. But it was my definition of beauty. In my teens I decided I wanted to become a professional jazz musician, and I've been pursuing that dream since. My friends call me Pokeman because apart from jazz music, Pokeman is my other obsession.

Jack "Jazzy" Meszner and website editor.

I’ve loved jazz music for as long as I can remember. I remember the first time I picked up a guitar. It was like I had discovered another piece of me. And that was how it all began for me. My family nicknamed me Jazzy because of my love for jazz. I am actually the only one in my family who enjoys jazz music. Everybody else is a rock fanatic. I am like the outcast of the family.

Franklin ‘Groovin’ Grover and contributing writer for the website.

I love the quote, "If you love jazz, then you know what it means to listen to your soul speak". I believe jazz is the definition of how the soul sounds. Smooth, soothing, and vibrant. I believe that to be a great jazz musician, you should be in tune with your inner spirit. And I always tell young jazz musicians the same. I use the online name Groovin’ Grover because everything I do or say is accompanied by a rhythm. Jazz music is my favorite language.

Pete "Metro" Reed and is the junior editor.

What is life without jazz? I wouldn't know. And I do not ever want to know. Although I suspect it must be a lonely life. My life is jazz. And the trumpet is my better half. Jazz and the trumpet make me complete. I often say, "Love jazz and love yourself". It is my key to happiness. People call me Metro, because someone once said I have a metro sound. I am not quit sure what it means but I am not entirely opposed to it

Our goal is to extend our community to include people from around the globe from different cultures and who speak different languages but are passionate about jazz fusion and indi-jazz. We believe in the freedom that jazz allows us and we hope our enthusiasm is infectious. We hope to achieve our goals through creating up beat content that is simple to read, but also educative, informative, and entertaining. Content is one thing but we still rely on your support and comments. Let us know what you think about our stories, contact us here:


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